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Placing my order

Steps to follow to place your order

Checkout steps


The checkout process has 4 simple steps: 

    • Step 1 - Billing address

      Fill in the requested information (you can proceed to the next step only if you complete all the requested fields).

    • Step 2 - Shipping method

      You can choose your favorite shipping method based on costs and delivery time. Find out more details about the 2 shipping packages here.

    • Step 3 - Payment method

      Choose your preferred payment method - find out more useful information about the available options here.

    • Step 4 - Order review

      At this step of placing your order, you can find the order review: discounts or gift cards (where applied), the subtotal of all the products you ordered, shipment value, as well as the total for your bill. Also, you can leave us a message with special inquiries or you can ask for your bill to not be included in the package. 

Checkout options

Checkout options


  • Log into your account

    Login to your account (if you are not already logged in), by clicking on the “My account” link - either with your Jolidon client account, or with Facebook. 

  • Create an account

    Create an account here and enjoy the benefits!

  • Order as a guest

    You can place the order even if you don’t have an account on, simply as a guest.