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Modify an order

  • How can I modify an order??

    Did you place an order on and you would like to edit some information? Check here if this is possible, considering the status of your order.

    • If the status of your order is “Registered” or “Processing”, you can request any type of modification you need - delivery address, products, payment or delivery method.

    • If the status of your order is “Billed” or “Finalized”, please contact us at one of our phone numbers (+40 364 88 00 44 or +04 745 09 09 09) as soon as you can.

    • If the status of your order is “Shipped”, then your order is on its way to you, which means that it can no longer be modified in relation to the products you chose, but you can request the modification of your delivery address.

    You can see the status of your order here: on the page “Order status”, In your account, by clicking on the “Contact” button from up-right side of the site or by contacting us here.

    If your order has already been shipped (and delivered) and you realize that it’s not what you wanted or what is fit for you, you can return the product / products or exchange them with something else. Here you can find all the information you need for returns.