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The benefits of having a wishlist

Gather all your wishes in one place, to always keep you inspired!

From pieces of lingerie that you dream about for a romantic night, to “guilty pleasure” sewn with the most gorgeous embroideries and details, they all deserve to be in your wishlist.

Either you’ll surprize yourself with a little pampering now and then, or you want to suggest someone what you’d like to receive on your birthday or any other occasion, the wishlist will help you remember the lingerie you fell in love once and couldn’t buy it right away. Also, it will help those who want to surprize you with a gift that you love.

To create a wishlist, you need to have an account on You can find out more here about creating a new account and about the benefits of having one here.

After creating an account, all you have to do further is to find something you love, select the color and size you want and press the “Add to Wishlist” button


You can manage your wishlist from your account dashboard, in the “Wishlist” section.