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Product review

We would like to know everything about your experience with our products, thus we invite you to write us a review or a testimonial for a product you bought, where you evaluate the quality and all the aspects that need to be improved with that specific product.

  • Advice on writing the reviews

    1. Please write reviews only for the products you own.

    2. If you liked a product, tell us what exactly you liked about it, what did you wear it with, how did you feel wearing it. If there are aspects about a product that you consider they need improvement, please be as specific as you can, so that the solution may be handled punctually.

    3. We are taking full rights for disapproving messages with derogatory or offensive language.

    4. If you encountered issues with the delivery of your order or you have other questions related to a product, please fill in this contact form or contact us here.