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Managing your account

Enjoy all the functionalities of your account!

If you created a customer account and want to know how you can set it up, follow these instructions:

  • Account information

    Here you can edit your first and last name, email address, as well as the billing and delivery addresses.

  • Profile picture

    You can personalize your account with your photo, that will be visible when you post reviews on the product pages.

  • Your orders

    You have access to your orders history and you can check the products and sizes you previously purchased.

  • Returns

    If you changed your mind over an order and decided to return products, you can check the status of that return, as well as the information about previous returns, in the special section of your account.

  • Your reviews

    A special section of your account where you can see all the product reviews you have written so far.

  • Newsletter

    In this section of your account, you can choose what type of newsletter you want to subscribe to and even view the current newsletter directly in your account.