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Do you want to be part of our community? It is now very easy to create an account for you to enjoy a variety of advantages.

To create a client account, we need you to provide us with some information:


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What benefits do I get if I create an account?

  • Fast ordering

    Once you set up your account with all your contact and delivery data, the shopping process and checkout is much easier and faster, not having anymore to enter them every time you shop on our website.

  • Order history

    You have instant access to your order history and see what products and sizes you ordered before.

  • Wishlist

    Gather all your wishes in a single place! Save your favorite products in your own wishlist. You can share it with your friends on whichever social networks you are active on.

  • Return history

    If you changed your mind over an order and decided to return products, you can check the status of that return, as well as the information about previous returns, in the special section of your account.

  • Personalized notifications

    You can choose what notifications you want to receive via email: when your product is back in stock, what special offers are ongoing, alerts on products from your wishlist or when new collections are available.


Enjoy all the functionalities of your account!

If you created a customer account and want to know how you can set it up, follow these instructions:

  • Account information

    Here you can edit your first and last name, email address, as well as the billing and delivery addresses.

  • Profile picture

    You can personalize your account with your photo, which will be visible when you post reviews on the product pages.

  • Your orders

    You have access to your orders history and you can check the products and sizes you previously purchased.

  • Returns

    If you changed your mind over an order and decided to return products, you can check the status of that return, as well as the information about previous returns, in the special section of your account.

  • Your reviews

    A special section of your account where you can see all the product reviews you have written so far.

  • Newsletter

    In this section of your account, you can choose what type of newsletter you want to subscribe to and even view the current newsletter directly in your account.


The benefits of having a wishlist

Gather all your wishes in one place, to always keep you inspired!

From pieces of lingerie that you dream about for a romantic night, to “guilty pleasure” sewn with the most gorgeous embroideries and details, they all deserve to be in your wishlist.

Either you’ll surprise yourself with a little pampering now and then, or you want to suggest someone what you’d like to receive on your birthday or any other occasion, the wishlist will help you remember the lingerie you fell in love once and couldn’t buy it right away. Also, it will help those who want to surprize you with a gift that you love.

To create a wishlist, you need to have an account on You can find out more here about creating a new account and about the benefits of having one here.

After creating an account, all you have to do further is to find something you love, select the color and size you want and press the “Add to Wishlist” button.


You can manage your wishlist from your account dashboard, in the “Wishlist” section.


We would like to know everything about your experience with our products, thus we invite you to write us a review or a testimonial for a product you bought, where you evaluate the quality and all the aspects that need to be improved with that specific product.

  • Advice on writing the reviews

    1. Please write reviews only for the products you own.

    2. If you liked a product, tell us what exactly you liked about it, what did you wear it with, how did you feel wearing it. If there are aspects about a product that you consider they need improvement, please be as specific as you can, so that the solution may be handled punctually.

    3. We are taking full rights for disapproving messages with derogatory or offensive language.

    4. If you encountered issues with the delivery of your order or you have other questions related to a product, please fill in this contact form or contact us here.


If you forgot your password and want to log in to your account, please access this page.


If you want to delete your account, in your dashboard you will find the “Delete this account” button. A new page will open with a short form you must complete, as seen in the image below. As soon as we get your email, we will contact you to confirm this action.