European creativity, quality and seduction are the ingredients that define the products made by Jolidon. Our products are made in Europe, gathering the European tradition in manufacturing, attention to detail, fabrics and superior quality accessories provided by producers from France, Italy or Austria (Dentelle de Calais, Swarovski Elements, Superfine, Sensitive, etc.).

Founded in 1993, in Cluj Napoca, Romania, Jolidon gained undisputed leadership of the Romanian market of lingerie and swimwear, also becoming one of the major players of the international market.

Jolidon’s successful story may seem right out of the Hollywood movies: an entrepreneur, Gabriel Cîrlig, identified on the Romanian market after ’89 two types of products that were necessary, but not so present, namely underwear and bathing suits. He started a small business, together with a few dedicated and ambitious people. The first workshop, with 3 or 4 sewing machines, a minimum required to create lingerie, has become in 20 years a factory whose size intimidates any lingerie manufacturer in Europe.

In 1994 Jolidon branded products were being sold in over 100 stores, in 1996 their number tripled, while in 2009 Jolidon products were present in over 1400 stores, all over the country.

Year 1998 marks for the Jolidon group the opening of its first store in Timisoara and the Bucharest office. In the following ten years, the next steps were the construction and development of its retail chain in the main shopping centers of important cities in Romania or in wisely chosen locations of civic centers.

Currently, Jolidon International Group has over 2500 employees and a chain of 87 stores, in major cities and shopping centers of Romania. Moreover, Jolidon’s products are available in all major supermarket and hypermarket chains in the country.

Design, quality, technology and fabrics, image and advertising strategy of the company and its brands are all important aspects that made Jolidon be, over time, the only Romanian participant to the most prestigious exhibitions and international fairs: SIL Paris, Lyon Mode City, Mode City Paris, Dusseldorf Lingerie, Intimare Bologna, Shanghai Mode Lingerie, Hong-Kong Mode Lingerie, Motexha Dubai, Curvexpo New York, Divat Napok Budapest. As a result of all these actions a strong export department was developed, which capitalizes the company’s products only under its brands.

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Jolidon Fashion is a brand that became, in time, a real trendsetter and fashion designer in the Romanian and European lingerie industry, adding sustainable value to the quality of being a lingerie manufacturer.

Prelude reminds of Europe’s aristocratic elegance, expressing the type of lingerie a modern princess would wear, that strong and sophisticated woman, wrapped in a discreet charm of femininity and elegance. The design’s originality, the meticulous mixture of fine textiles with precious details and applications outlines the Prelude “savoir-faire”

Jolidon Clandestine is dedicated to the active woman, sophisticated and dynamic at the same time, rebel in secret and provocative to the extreme. The lace mask logo is the symbol of mystery and fascination for the secret life of a woman free from any prejudice.


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